Start Trading on Low Spread -- Trade Forex, Cryptos , Indices and more with a leading global MT4 broker

Mission Statement

Founded by Traders for Traders; with the utmost integrity and competence, to help you achieve your highest financial goals.

Our Goal

To have traders succeed by understanding all the potentials and all of the risks using a diversification of different instruments

About Us

Members of the CSCE/NYBOT exchanges joined with successful modern day, day traders, we bring 40 years combined experience in the equities, commodities and Forex markets.

First Class is an evaluation platform, based on real market time, pricing and volume. Our platform with its financial rules and tools of risk management will help you succeed as a successful or professional trader.

Traders new to the market, established day traders, or professionals looking to test a strategy, First Class is the platform that will bring you to the next level.

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